Diana Carey

She paints the world of big horizons or those of a tiny bird’s nest.  She relates onto her varied mediums the beauty and the chaos that artists feel so deeply for the rest of us to find and through her expression, we grasp the complexity of our surroundings and its perfection.

Steve White

The one man band, the human groove machine.  Responsible for inspiring us all during his lifetime with love and lyrics and a sense of rhythm that only him and the good God above are able to hold. He wrote one of the most truthful songs I’ve ever heard. His fans and friends made a documentary film to honor the legend.

Carolina Castaneda

The wondrous mind that can pull out what no one else can dare to talk about, and ensure that it is funny by the time her point is made.  She paints the truth in our little child selves, the truth in our naked bodies.  The culture, the philosophy of Mexico’s thinkers, like Frida Kahlo is passed on to the current paintbrush holders and Carolina is one of them.

Café Madeleine

unites us Frenchies and we can no longer complain about not finding the perfect croissant.  The perfect crepe and on and on.  One in South Park and one in North Park, they have built a family to serve and offer their good energy and their delightful recipes.  We are part of the family… providing ze music that iz!

Chicken Soup

Music for the Soul

The trio that can still offer you those distantly remembered Yiddish songs and joyfully recreates their versions of wildly adored Hebrew melodies for every Jewish Holiday.  Usually this trio will entertain at retirement homes and synagogues for celebrations of Hannukah, Passover, and the Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish new year.

Art n Soul on 101

If the world was filled with people like the owners and operators of this establishment, we’d all be living in paradise. The gallery opened as a not for profit, serving  local artists with a high traffic spot and a community. The enchanting, creative feel one gets from walking in to this store is not an accident.